5 Must Have Tools for Every Office 365 Enterprise Customer

As the use of mobile devices in the workplace is quickly becoming the norm, managing and securing these mobile devices is an increasing challenge.  You now have to tackle the same issues for mobile devices that you traditionally addressed for client systems: controlling access to the network, regulating and managing devices while providing users the freedom they need to access resources to do their work, as well as securing critical information on the devices.  But, using disparate solutions for managing client systems and mobile devices can double your workload.

Dell can help you maintain security and manage complexity in an increasingly mobile workplace.  Register today and join Dell experts to discover how Dell KACE systems management appliances integrated with Dell Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provides an integrated solution to help you easily manage and secure mobile devices and client systems.

What you will learn
  • Critical issues impacting management of mobile devices in the workplace
  • How Dell EMM increases the capabilities of Dell KACE to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and securing your desktops and laptops, as well as your phones and tablets, across multiple platforms
  • How Dell can help you adopt a full BYOD strategy with our comprehensive, award-winning Dell EMM  solution


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